The Me Too Movement

Metoo 3

     There are people who think the Me Too movement is unnecessary or that the movement has made its point. They are tired of listening to stories about sexual harassment, rape and molestation. And I say to all of them, shut the fuck up!

     As a society, we created an environment that led to these sexual crimes becoming our normal. We ignored people who talked openly about their molestations or rapes.  We pretended not to notice the sexualization of children and females.  We called sexual crime victims in the workplace, in the military and on college campuses liars.  We took no notice of Tarana Burke when she tried to bring awareness to these issues with the #metoo on Twitter in 2006.  We paid attention when Alyssa Milano used the same hashtag in 2017, but when women did not stop talking about the sexual violence committed against them, people reverted to their standard, ‘this could not be happening to this many women’.  The stories these women are telling, are not new.  This issue is dark, offensive and uncomfortable to discuss, but we have been discussing it for years.  The change was, the exposure social media gave to these women.  The opponents of the Me Too movement could no longer pretend this was not real, so now they want everyone to shut the hell up.

     They want the Me Too movement to go away?

  • Stop sexualizing children, that is where all of this begins.
  • Stop shaming young girls about their bodies and making them think their bodies do not belong to them.
  • Stop protecting the men (and women) molesting our children which helps to foster this silence culture that continues to adulthood.
  • Stand up for 1000s of young women on college campuses who are being raped at an alarming rate.
  • Understand the amount of women speaking of their sexual harassment or rape, is small compared to the amount of women who do not speak.
  • Understand the number of females being molested, harassed, and raped is not an exaggeration.
  • Accept that there are a lot of men (not all) who participate in the molestation, harassment and rape of females.
  • Realize the few women who lie about sexual harassment or rape does not mean 1000s of women are lying.
  • Stop pretending you do not understand there are men who use their masculinity as a weapon
  • Stop pretending you do not understand we live in a society that encourages the molestation, harassment and rape of children and women.

     If you are not prepared to do any of the above, you can not criticize the Me Too movement; you are helping to create it.


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