What does a monster look like?


     What does a monster look like? He is young. He is old. He is tall. He is short. He is famous. He is unknown. He is wealthy. He is middle class. He is poor. He has a wife. He has a girlfriend. He has children. He has a mother, father, brothers, and sisters. He has no family. He is good looking. He is plain looking. He worships a God. He doesn’t believe in a God. He is employed. He does not work. He is in authority. He rules over no one. He has friends. He is a loner. He is a college student. He is a high school student. He has a bachelors degree, a masters degree, a Ph.D. He left high school in the 10th grade. He is a man no one believes would do that. He is a man everyone knows does that. Sometimes he is a she.

     A monster looks like anyone; can be anyone. A monster is not just a person whose appearance scares you. It is also a person you believe in, have faith in and trust until their true face is revealed. Not every man is a monster and not every monster is a man. As a society, our judgment about what constitutes a monster needs to extend beyond class, race, income, gender, and appearance. R. Kelly. Harvey Weinstein. Bill Cosby. Roman Polanski. Trump. Chris Watts. Pete Trifunovski. Rashan Lamar Wilson. Fernando Guzman Perez. We need to understand what people are capable of doing to another human being. We need to accept, some people lack compassion or empathy and have no humanity. When someone comes forward to tell their story, we need to ask what does a monster look like?

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